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About Vilash Reddy, MD

Vilash Reddy, MD has dedicated his life, profession, and passion towards helping people suffering from various mental illness in the Greater Houston, helps to provide therapy, supplementation, and psychopharmacology for various mental health condition.  He has treats a wide-range of mental illness, including treatment-resistant cases.  A longtime Houston resident, Dr. Reddy was inspired from his own father’s Bipolar Disorder, providing the best and highest care for each everyone of his patients, through evidence-based practices.  He has years of experiencing working in non-profit jobs, treating the sickest patients.  


Dr. Vilash Reddy began his medical education at St. Matthews School of Medicine, located in the Grand Cayman.  During his clinical rotations, he traveled all over the country including Chicago, Baltimore, Brooklyn, etc.  Dr. Reddy truly believes in the power and necessity for therapy, which is why he trained at Wright State University, learning psychodynamic therapy for 3 years under the training and tutelage of Dr. Jerald Kay, a well known psychoanalyst. Aside being knowledgable in therapy, he is knowledgeable in psychopharmacology and even treating various treatment-resistant cases.  He has experience in emergency psychiatry, consult-liaison psychiatry, in-patient psychiatry, etc.  He does not believe in quick fixes but treat suffering for the mind, body, and soul.  He is very holistic in his approach to each one of his patients.  


Since Dr. Reddy believes that the fundamental roots of psychiatry begins in childhood, he interviewed at the top 13 programs in the country.  He chose Washington University in St. Louis, often referred to the “Harvard of the midwest” based on the caliber and quality of his mentors. Dr. John Constantino, the chairman of the department remains a pioneer in Autism.  Ironic, he loved Dr. Constantino based on his level of humility despite his caliber.  His other mentors include Dr. Anne Glowinski and Dr. Eric Spiegel (a well known triple board pediatrician, adult psychiatrist, and child psychiatrist.  Many members of the WashU teams are editors and contributors to JAACAP (Journal of American Academy of Child Psychiatry) - heavily evidenced based organization and prestigious journal of chid psychiatry.  During this time while in fellowship, he also advanced his knowledge of therapy including, but not limited, to Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, etc.   


As a board-certified physician in psychiatry, Dr. Reddy has advanced his skills in therapy and psychopharmacology, including “treatment-resistant” cases.  He has been ranked 4.8/5.0 by various jobs that he has worked in, particularly in non-profit fields.  He has a passion for helping the underserved, which is why he offers CareCredit to pay for psychiatric services.  CareCredit allows patients loans at 0% for 12, 24, and 36 months based on their credit score. 


His self-pay rates are 1/3 to 1/2 the price of other less qualified professionals.  He is the processing of adding various insurances to his practice.


Aside from being an passionate child/adult psychiatry, Dr. Reddy is a self-taught artist with 10-12 years of experience.  You can check out his work on  


In 2022, he wanted to continue expanding his holistic, whole-body approach so Dr. Reddy started One Life Wellness, a holistic medical spa including services, such an cryotherapy, pain management, IV drips, cosmetics.etc.  You can check out the various services offered at  If you are interested in services at this top rated medical spa, please contact us at  Please check out He has consultations about various experienced pain management and functional medicine doctors to help improve the quality of each one of his patients live.  His Director of Aesthetics will make your spa service unbelievable.

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